Welcome, eBay members!

Since 2008, eBay no longer gives its sellers the ability to leave negative or neutral feedback for their customers.  Only positive feedback is allowed, "at the seller's option".  Even though the vast majority of buyers are honest this new lack of transparency leaves sellers vulnerable to new scams, feedback extortion, unpaid items, etc with no way to defend themselves or warn others.

This site gives sellers the ability to leave their eBay buyers positive, negative, or neutral feedback.  We are, and have always been, the only site that autonomously verifies every transaction exists between buyer and seller.  Sign up here.

Bid Alerts has launched.  Receive emails instantly when "bad" buyers bid on your auctions.

Note to buyers:  See our buyer support page to see why you should support this site.

This website cannot succeed without the backing and use by the eBay community.  We also recognize that, due to the new feedback policy, all buyers are also losing any way to differentiate themselves.  If you have a good experience with a eBay seller let them know you want to have your feedback left here.  Please help spread the word.