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On May 19, 2008 eBay took away the buyers' realistic feedback history.  Feedback is what sellers use to rate buyers and decide whether (and how) to do business with that buyer.  Feedback on eBay has always been voluntary.  What eBay did to buyers' history is nothing many sellers wish to participate in and now either participate at eBuyer Feedback, spread negative word of mouth anonymously on other sites, or don't leave any feedback at all.  This site even allows for more accurate ratings than ever based on reading ability, communication, payment time and conflict resolution.

Good Buyers

Here you can rebuild your eBay feedback history.  Get the respect and treatment you deserve.  Fight deadbeats that drive your prices up.  Often sellers will go out of their way to accommodate a buyer that has a proven record.  This record no longer exists on eBay.

Many buyers take pride in their feedback history.  Without the risk of a negative eBay effectively made their feedback profile equal to a deadbeat in the eye of a seller, worthless to bother even looking at.  Great buyers should stand out.  Many sellers protested, boycotted, and complained because we did not want to see this change done to our buyers that helps support our families.  The bottom line is eBay does not listen to sellers (just a little noise) but maybe they will listen to you.  For now great buyers can be helped by rebuilding their profile at eBuyer feedback.

Bad Buyers

They don't deserve to be rated the same as our great buyers.  They can hide in the new eBay feedback system but they can't hide here.  Non-payers drive up bids making a good buyer needlessly pay more, worse than a shill bidder.  But the ones listed here will help warn other sellers to protect the good buyers.

A 100% positive rating for buyers has became meaningless because even a deadbeat or problem buyer can now have exactly the same track record with the same value.  This is not fair to the great buyer.  Prior to that time sellers could give a negative to warn other sellers of a problem buyer.

Reading many forums it has become clear that sellers have become overly cautious due to the new feedback system.  It is now normal for sellers to block any bidders that do anything as innocent as asking a simple question.

Bad Sellers

In the past sellers would often leave negative feedback in response to a buyer's negative feedback.  When sellers like myself would look at a buyer's feedback comments we always checked out the sellers that left their negatives.  It was usually very obvious who was the one that was lying.  This was also a tool that seasoned buyers could use to evaluate their sellers.  Now that sellers can't leave negative feedback on eBay, buyers can no longer see these unprofessional responses by certain sellers.  At eBuyer Feedback we do not let the sellers hide from the feedback they leave.  We encourage all buyers to review a seller's feedback left on both eBay and here at eBuyer Feedback before purchasing from them.

There Can Be Only One

Since the feedback changes were announced in January there have been several sites that have sprung up over this issue.  Many of them no longer operate but of those that do none of them verify the identities of their users and only allow negative feedback or adding to a bidder block list.  Some of these sites claim they have a checks and balances system, claim they trust their users, or just tell them to not leave feedback for buyers they haven't interacted with.  We understand human nature and rather than do the easy thing and make a rule against that kind of abuse we don't allow it to happen in the first place.  All sellers who leave feedback at eBuyer Feedback are and have always been the confirmed owners of the account in question.  None of the other sites let the buyers respond to their feedback.  None of the other sites identify the seller leaving feedback.  They always claim this is to protect the seller but we believe that a person needs to know their accuser.  Some sellers who aren't aware of this site have resorted to private, problem bidder email lists.  By supporting us you can keep your reputation here instead of having it unknowingly and anonymously spread over the internet.

More Information

It's a similar situation as a credit history*.  Suppose one day the government decided that in the future no negative comments could be left in your file.  Now those who had filed bankruptcy, charge offs, and late payments have the same value as those who make payments on time and never had a problem.  For a loan officer it would not be at all fair that he would have to consider a loan application on equal footing to those with bad credit risks.  You would also suffer with higher interest rates.  This is similar to how the new feedback system works.

A thank you for you business is important, meaningful feedback that can now be left on a system all sellers can look at.  There are rumors at eBay they are now considering dropping what is left of feedback for buyers altogether.  Always ask your seller to place feedback here.

* feedback is not a credit report.